Sound and Vision

Constellation Scores

ROB MAZUREK Constellation Scores prints, objects, paintings and sound

Rob Mazurek’s artistic practice com- bines sound and vision in ever-changing constellations, creating audiovisual compo- sites. Aural and visual experiences are treated interchangeably, with one influencing the other. Colours, projected as video or painted on pa- per, frequently serve as the departure point for his musical improvisations. Inversely, an unheard sound source lets light flicker erratically in Music for Shattered Light Box and 7 Pos- ters, and the multimedia project Soundlight_1 allows for Mazurek’s cornet improvisations to appear as changing shapes and colours on a screen. His latest exhibitions The Shaping Light (Chicago) and Marfa Loops Shouts and Hollers (Marfa, Texas) combine painting, sculpture, light and sound, blurring the lines between different modes of perception in order to reach qualities of experience normally hidden. Synaesthe- sia is what he’s aiming for, painting in sound, composing with colour and light, hoping to thereby overcome the barriers between our senses.