Sound and Vision

Farnsworth Scores

The Farnsworth Scores is an experimental film and musical composition conceived by cornetist and visual artist Rob Mazurek, in collaboration with filmmaker Lee Anne Schmitt. The film and soundtrack capture the interaction between humans, nature, and architecture at Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's iconic Farnsworth House. With its steel frame and walls of uninterrupted glass, the Farnsworth House stands as a contemplative, sculptural dwelling intended by the architect to give nature "a more profound significance than if viewed from outside." The glass, which simultaneously delineates and joins interior and exterior space, acts as catalyst for this expanded dialogue. The Farnsworth Scores uses the transparency of the glass to shift the viewer playfully between the house's interior and exterior, while the soundtrack reveals the separation. The film explores the intimacy of the artistic process and questions architecture's role in reconnecting humanity with nature.