Sound and Vision


Rob Mazurek  has  been  reshaping  modern  music's  cutting  edge  for  the  past  three  decades.  He  is  co-leader  (with Chad Taylor)  of  the  Chicago  Underground  collective,  and  director  of  Exploding  Star  Orchestra.  His  compositions utilize traditional,  graphic  and  electro-acoustic  techniques  and  strategies,  which  have  consistently  pushed  the  limits of modern music.  A  recent  All  About  Jazz  review  remarks  “Rob  Mazurek  has  spent  years  exploring  less  tangible  parts of the universe,  seldom  seen—or  heard—by  others.  In  the  process  he  has  laid  claim  to  a  space  of  his  own.”  



Rob Mazurek is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on the projection of resonant structures that have the capacity to shape various perceptions of feeling. His works often deal with obscured architectures. Mazurek spent much of his creative life in Chicago and in various locations throughout Brazil. He currently lives and works in Marfa, TX. Mazurek's multi-media projects have been supported by major arts institutions including: the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts (Chicago, IL), Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud (Fontevraud, France), Helen Coburn Meier and Tim Meier Foundation (Chicago, IL), New Music USA (New York, NY), The Andy Warhol Museum, (Pittsburgh, PA), and the Robert D. Bielecki Foundation (New York, NY), among others.